Certified Biodynamic Farm in Atlantic Canada


Engaging in the Soul of the Biodynamic Flowers


The earthworm embraces the roots of the plant, the cow dreams into its green leaves, and the bee lives in communion with the soul of the plant through its flower. An exploration of the larger soul terrain of the five flowers in the biodynamic preps: Yarrow, Chamomile, Dandelion, Nettle and Valerian.   When we imbue our imaginative grasp of these five flowers and use them as widely as possible for healing ourselves as well as the land, we form a connection as dynamic as that of the bee, thus increasing our potential as Biodynamic Practitioners.  We will explore the archetypal signatures and healing indications for these five flowers, as well as growing and cultivation tips.

Patricia Kaminski, Director, Flower Essence Society, an international collegium for research on subtle plant essences for soul healing; Coordinator, Terra Flora, Demeter-certified BD cottage industry, garden and wildlife sanctuary CA.

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