Organic Potting Soil for Starting Seedlings

Are you starting seeds for a backyard garden this spring ?
Curious to know what soil to use to start seeds in an organic way ?

The problem with non-organic potting mix is an ingredient called “wetting agent” which helps it retain water.
Organic potting mix can be found.
One type of Organic Potting Mix is called Promix.   It sells for approx $11.50 for 28 Litres.  McArthurs in Moncton, NB sells Promix retail.  It can also be bought from Fafard by the pallet.
Vesey’s also sells an organic mix that people seem to like.
It can be found at Feeds and Needs in Moncton, NB.
It’s also possible to create your own from a mix of compost, soil and other elements… more research on this to come.